Tuesday, 29 October 2013


Flowers, a thing of nature and when in bloom plays a part in the big circle of life that Simba is also found in.

Flowers, while practical in its original and rightful place serves up to be very useful. 

Flowers, when plucked, removed and unplugged from the circle forcibly and violently, loses every bit of its original purpose. 

They then redefine their purpose of existence. 

The purpose of not being purposefully practical. 

Now, in a vase, it adorns the site it resides, the artificial space it stands. 
An organic reminder to an otherwise very artificial and concrete-like urban environment. 

The romantic in me will put them in a bouquet. 

The purpose of not not being purposeful.
On top of costing a few more cents than the edibles; chocolates and cookies.
Holding less sense than an artfully designed iPad or iDevice.

Flowers, redefining the purpose in today's all-purposeful life. 

Flowers, because the beloved deserves.

Beauty, second to none. 

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