Thursday, 8 August 2013

Incarceration: Part 2

It's always intriguing to know how this increasingly feminine society is changing the social landscape of our modern world.

Not so long ago, women were both domestic-bound and domesticated by the chauvinistic men of the old. Cruel as it is, nature has it that men simply rely on their aggressiveness and physicality to extort for respect and or subjugation. 

While it should never have been the case, women have suffered their share of torment devoid of rights and freedom. 

With the new wave of feminism, we delineate from the objectification of the past and embrace new identities. 
The increments in demand for rights slowly seep into every level of the society.
As the cliché spiderman quote goes: with power comes responsibility.

I deliberately took out the 'Great' (from Great Power and Great Responsibility) because it is simply not quantifiable in such a direct relationship. 
Whether it is a huge chunk of power or not, the moment we have authority or ownership over something/someone, we naturally step up to the role. 

A simple case in point: the relationship between a mother and child, ancient as this relationship dates back, is the perfect example. Though bereft of her own rights as witnessed during the agrarian or feudal milieu, the mother has the most basal task of rearing the child to adulthood.

That task alone renders her supreme. Maybe it's a case of too much Law and Order: SVU that led me here. Nevertheless, domestic violence exists and is a painful experience to any juvenile minds. 

Man or woman, we are mere subjects of the greater power; Bureaucracy.
 Specifically in this case, the state apparatus of prison and the policing of every single citizen.

Next, religion as the opium of our pains.

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