Thursday, 1 August 2013

Incarceration: Part 1

Slippery Slope

Onset of Incarceration

This is kinda like a mini series about jails and imprisonment which will feature a few more additional parts depending on how creative my brain can churn.

The usual and convenional picture that precedes imprisonment is one of vice and crime. 
All civilised worlds have their own laws where norms have to be abided and rules followed.
This ensures not just the efficient functioning of the state but also the well being of 'thy neighbours'. 

As synonymous with the word 'State', prisons have long been a commonplace for common thieves and the likes who flout the law. While some may simply be petty crimes(theft, spitting on the floor, chewing on gum, playing street soccer under void decks), there are those on the other spectrum; 
Heinous crimes of a certain brutality that brings a distaste to our mouths.

While the latter deserves to be hung, doing time is perhaps the more deserving punishment. A simple slit on the throat, shock from the chair, hanging by the noose is too easy a sentence. 

Incarceration will literally squeeze the life out of an inmate doing life sentence. 
Put yourself in a 3m by 3m cell where the sky is your bleak ceiling and the trees are the metallic bars that bounds you within. Bite my tongue, I would rather.

While some of these truly deserve their sentence, we have those who simply commit crimes out of folly and passion. Mistakes, they call it, of which they feel remorseful and apologetic for. 

If one goes against the norm of the society, he/she may or may not face persecution. If a crowd of them creates a whole new mini-society, a sub-culture. No, counter-culture is more compelling, hell, what about a cult? Within this 'queer' society, the norms and values differ from my own. Should that justify their prosecution on the stand simply because they are different? 

By now, you should be ready to pounce on the contentious comments but then again, it is all up for subjective collisions of minds. The intents, the motives, the extent of the 'difference' in behaviour, the pettiness to the atrocity of which. All of these can be put up for scrutiny so blast away.

As aforementioned, there will be more to come on this eyebrow-raising issue, so hold your reins and look forward to the next time.

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