Friday, 26 July 2013


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The bay area rapid transit, BART for short. Trains are always filled with a myriad of people ranging from the quirky to the funky to the kinky. Ok kinky only during the Pride Parade (pink dot equivalent) where bras and hosiery are flaunted on the outside.

We all spend a short/long amount of time on transport, public or private. Backed by convenience, if money isn't the factor, private transport reigns supreme. 

Then again, peak hours behind the wheel is perhaps the most atrocious way to waste your time away. The studious ones would probably load up audio-lessons or audio books and the likes to 'enrich' themselves on the go. What better way to kill boredom by having a boring lecture from a random educator? 

Well, at least that was what I had in mind whenever I get jammed up behind a frustratingly huge throng of cars along our puny highways. Are the roads getting smaller or are there more cars?!

But it really isn't that bad getting stuck in a jam when you're with the fancied one. EXTRA chat time provided one can hold a conversation, or just end up spoiling the impression by having awkward silences. 

Public transport is where the masses gather. You see people, come into contact with people, strangers or even familiar faces. The joy of observing (not staring) the antics of an individual(s) always makes it all the more interesting.

It could be a couple quarelling or a mother chiding a son. The endless drama that could unfold, all that for a price of one bus/train ticket. 
Though slightly more tedious than the private car, public transport does give us the advantage of time to digest our thoughts, read our book, wire up on i(insert gadget) and even some last minute mugging of notes. 

In our increasingly individualistic world, public transport may perhaps be one of the last few platforms for us to interact with the 'other person'. Simply by sharing the space, we acknowledge their existence. An affirming nod, a smile akin to that for our kindred, shaking of hands. Without this platform, all of the aforementioned would be precluded. 

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