Thursday, 18 July 2013


Interlocked for warmth
A subconscious and outward display of introspection.

Interlocked for strength
Antiquated yet simplistic form

The conventional BGR hold as opposed to the BFF hold (where two hands are clasped together without interlocking fingers).
Strange as it sounds but when put to a test, the BGR hold does feel alot more secure and non-slip than the BFF hold. 

Even before the ancient Egyptians started with their pulleys and rollers, we have cave-people maximising whatever they could lay their hands on. Sticks, stones and rocks. The most simplistic structural arrangement of beams accurately reflects the 'Why fix something that ain't broken' saying. No screws no nuts and no fuss. Just plain ol' wedges.

This may sound like a chicken or egg conundrum, but do we influence the forms of our buildings or does the physical environment compels us to have ideas that only pegs onto the available resources?

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