Tuesday, 23 July 2013

Change, not pity

Surprising as it is, a first world country like USA would have hobos strewn along the streets, one at every corner of the block. 
Then again, perhaps it ain't much of a shock to know that as any country elevates its economic status, there will be 'collateral damage'.
Those who cannot keep up with the highly mobile workforce with 'upward mobility' will simply be left behind in this individualistic society.

The silver lining here is that amongst the countless disadvantaged, there are those like them two, putting to full use their able bodies. 
Showboating their skills of which they picked up overtime, they fully indulge themselves in their music, belting out song after song, each one of them bleeding with emotions.

The younger lad probably isn't in an economic situation as bad as the elder. Even so, honing his craft by putting himself out in the fray is just as praiseworthy!

It is not pity they need,
only 'Change'.

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