Tuesday, 16 July 2013

Back in Black(and white)


We have never really defined the objectives of this blog, but the conventional idea of a blog has always eluded me. Everyone has their own rendition so we welcome all of you with open minds and open hearts. 

Feel the photos as you deem fit and most importantly, generate your own thoughts and opinions based on whatever you feel. The only person you need to please is yourself. Let the floodgates open and receive the pangs of <insert emotion> as it flow up to your knees, your neck and ultimately submerge you within. 

The description only serves as an overture to what we feel about the photo. It is OUR own take on the photo and the emotion that we want to present to you when we took the shot. The opinions may vary as there are two heads(think siamese twins) in this brainchild of ours. 

As far as possible, we will try our best to stimulate your mind and highlight the crux of the photo with image-explicit words such as the aforementioned 'siamese twins'.

Our emotions and feelings are too intangible and volatile to be captured in still motion (like a photograph). 
That constant flux is why it makes this all the more interesting. Visit and revisit these photos and see if it can invoke a different feeling in you. 

Whatever you may be going through in your life, change is always constant. While the still image freezes the 'mood' and encapsulates it in one small frame, our minds fills in the bigger picture.

We would love to hear any comments and opinions of yours because it is through friction of ideas that generates more thoughts. Engage if you would like to be engaged. 

Last but not least,
For your viewing pleasure~

While we trod along the aisles of the airport, granted that we had free time and could thus spend time on taking as many photos as we could, there is that all encompassing mood surrounding us.

The airport witnesses departures on a frequent basis. It makes for a mood of absence, leaving a hole in my heart. 
Like the dyadic concepts of Earth and Sky, Black and White(coincidentally the overtone of our whole blog), the arrival halls of reunion fills up the absence.

I am never a big fan of departures. 

We are all beings of free will, so if given that option, would you rather not be present at the time of departure?

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