Monday, 16 September 2013

Breath of Fresh Air

A redefinition of smoking by kerb side
The notion of being at ease and in one's comfort. The perfect acceptance of how one can simply dress the way they want whenever they want. 
Whoever said pyjamas are strictly bound to the bedroom hasn't been to America, and specifically San Francisco where individuality is all the more celebrated.
He/She who spells pyjamas as pajamas is entitled to at least that; the freedom of exercising one's free will via their dressing.
To be truly comfortable in one's skin, now that's a real breath of fresh air.
Here in Singapore, it's almost sacrosanct that we stay true to the Asian values, as if Confucius had never died. 
I pick 'Humility', one that can be expressed via our dressing and the virtue that can be most related to conservativeness. 
The other extreme: Arrogance to the extent of being obnoxious can also be represented via our dressing. The louder the clothes, the more distasteful it is. 
It will probably take a little longer before we can recognise the fine line between 'being outstanding' and the individual 'just being him/herself'.
Technology has arrived. Proliferation of social media(and the relevant technology) has engendered a greater acceptance or 'tolerance' in the masses for fashion and behaviour alike.
Is it really a natural progression towards individuality as modernity creeps in?

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