Wednesday, 4 September 2013

Eye on The Prize

Eye on The Prize

“it’s not what you are looking for but where you look for it.”

This is akin to saying: if you're not finding the right answer, you're not asking the right question.

I often find myself asking the wrong questions. Time after time, year after year, I trudge in my muddle of a life without finding the right answers to what I seek.

I bum around, bump around and before I know it, bruises all around. Then I realize, it must be because I am not looking for the right things in my life.

I have always painted my life with very broad strokes, never really going into the fine details with a 0.28mm pointer. For some reason, I started going into specifics, reasons that I cannot pinpoint with laser-like accuracy but I cannot say I am wishing otherwise.

I start to be very certain of what I want and where I can find it. We all have a limited amount of lifespan/time/attention. The only way I realize I can maximise it is to do what I do best.

For those who have watched ‘Limitless’ (starring the very suave Bradley Cooper), the elixir-like NZT kinda sums up my point. It is and I quote from the show “as if I know what I want and exactly how I can get it.”

So we meet again, the dilemma of being a jack of all trades or a master of one.

I guess I rather be a Master of one with minor dabbles in every other things in life. Greedy much. Realistically speaking, without the help of NZT, I find myself often ‘missing the point’. By that, I mean losing track of where to find that which I so desire.

Part of that could be due to having too many things going on at once. I, like many other of you, have many desires, endless wants and is always on the search to satisfying each of them.

By this time, the little angel on my right shoulder is saying “then you gotta prioritise what you deem most important!” then I realise it’s my mother shouting from behind.

Yes, I know I know.. with much resignation. But the truth in her nag-like tone is absolutely spot on.
Perhaps the real mastery that I should learn here is Time Management.

It really isn’t magic or the occult that some amazing peers can achieve so much with whatever time there is. It’s as if these ‘high fliers’ work with 25 hours a day.

Then again, some of them are of a different breed, a higher hierarchy in cranial evolution.
Now then, the mind-boggling questions to ask are “should I spend ten years mastering something that I do not have a talent for? Or “ should I spend that same ten years doing something I am supremely genius at, and achieve twice/thrice the amount of output?”

On that premise, I set my lens, calibrating it and focusing it on the handful of things that I think I am good at.
If by the end, I do not come out of this with a pot of gold in my arms, is it because I am looking at the wrong map, or that I am simply not a good digger?”

Damn, here I go again.

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