Thursday, 12 September 2013

Everything Else Is An Aberration

You stand the test of time, unfazed and unaltered.
You stand my stench, wincing with slight grimace.
You stand en pointe, sturdy and stoic.

Because everything else is a deviation
Because you are the only entity that holds true
Because everything else is an aberration

My brief (and valiant/miserable attempt of) ode to you, the one who has just attained legal adulthood, is how I shall begin this mini-series.

This milestone is only the start. It merely entitles you to jail time and not detention in troubled homes.
It also grants you entrance to the subordinate court instead of the juvenile variant.
You can now strut the clubs within American borders without feeling ridiculed by how Singapore’s(of all places) legal age is 18.

Some things do not change, though.
You are still unable to voice out any sort of political/religious dissent in public.

How bleak and pessimistic this outlook of our world. These are the times we live in. Fortunately for me, you provide me respite, the first break of light post dawn.

You are my Fermina, my Lolita, my Daisy and my Cheryl.

The concept of infidelity evades me. When I have someone like you, it takes an outright defiance of logic to hanker for anything else. Because no one else can match up to what you can provide. Not even close.

Our bodies wither with time.
Our love, if quantifiable, will not diminish but only grow to become stronger.
There are many more 21 years to come, and let this be the milestone that always reminds you on the first step towards reality.

The reality that the shelter above your head will no longer be propped up by the mighty arms of your parents.
The reality that you will be putting yourself up for constant and perpetual review by your peers and your superiors.
The reality that nothing comes free in this world; that without toiling, you shall be bereft of the comforts that you currently own.

This somehow seems more like introspection, an outward profession of what I feel about myself.
In any case, the bereavement that I can imagine is way too much for me to take. I know better than to let someone like you slip from my fingers.

It has also been proven that we are loss averse than gain-driven. If so, let me be constantly reminded of the possible nightmare that will drive all my dreams to ground should the time happen that I am no longer worthy of you.

Guileless as always

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